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TSM Traders has developed for its clients a number of optimal investment strategies that allow you to invest in the medium and long term for maximum benefit. Since each customer is unique, we offer a wide range of investment portfolios, so you can define your own strategy based on personal goals and objectives.


Working with the world's largest brokers, we can confidently offer you a reliable way to invest in the trust management of Tsm Traders, which will allow you not only to receive a stable weekly income, but also to freely dispose of your personal time while you assets are working.

Our activity

The company's activities are related to trading currency pairs on the Forex market, trading cryptocurrency, buying and selling shares of American issuers and other derivative financial instruments with stock indices and commodity assets.

Main goal

Our main goal is to increase current assets by attracting a wide range of investors. Managing not only our assets, but also attracting investments from outside, we significantly increase the total profit, part of which we share with our investors.

Our contacts

We can be found at these addresses


Unique opportunity to earn money with TSM Traders in your region


Affiliate program

Affiliate program description

TSM Traders is an intermediary between the official Nasdaq exchange, DMCC, Bitfinex, TSE.

Making long-term and short-term investments (buying and selling stocks at liquid prices). TSM Traders provides an opportunity to earn money on investments by forming small portfolios into one large one.

Redirecting them to the stock and foreign exchange market. More than 50 analysts predict a fundamental and technical analysis of a company and a company on the rise or fall in the value of a share. Given the vast experience and professionalism of our specialists, TSM Traders guarantees the reliability of your investments and the timely payment of your earnings. At the same time, our traders trade shares of more than 100 companies, which makes it possible to cover the disadvantages of non-profitable companies, which make up a maximum of 10%.

Payment automation and conditions with our company TSM Traders are so simple that any potential partner can figure it out.

Market data

Price chart of shares of companies

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Securities of clients

Securities of clients

In the investment world, the most important task is to ensure the safety and security of customers' funds. Being a licensed and regulated financial company, we protect our business using the highest degree of protection for internal and external transactions by customers.

Technological back office

Technological back office

Through a registered personal back-office you will have access to managing your own account anywhere in the world. All transactions within the system are protected from third-party interference by SMS password that comes to your phone every time a new transaction is made

Easy input and output of funds

Easy input and output of funds

We made undoubtedly the best conditions for depositing / withdrawing funds for our clients: 0% of the additional commission for any replenishment or withdrawal of funds from the account. The list of payment systems approved by the company is presented here.

Weekly profit payment

Weekly profit payment

More than 70,000 customers in 62 countries make weekly profits from their investments and instantly withdraw it in any convenient way.

Customer Support 24/7

Customer Support 24/7

Communication with the company's specialists providing customer support is available every day, without days off and holidays. We are ready to answer all your questions and solve any problem quickly and efficiently.

Multilingual website

Multilingual website

The company's website is translated into the 15 most common languages in the world. Therefore, all our customers can easily get acquainted with the information presented on the site in their own language.